Burtis Group makes the best-of-the-best even better. Whether you are organizing a new company or a new project, we can help with your strategy for organization, development, market positioning, staffing, and strategic alliances.  If your company needs a little boost, we can help with reorganization, revamped product strategies, and new product roadmaps.  If your growth is through mergers/acquisitions, we can evaluate potential targets, especially identification of technical capability and key contributors.  Or if you just need to accommodate a short term resource overload, we can supply aerodynamic, hardware, and software engineering contractors we have worked with in the past.

In addition, our lengthy career experience at leading technical contract negotiations can bring you better value for your technology, or allow you to acquire new technology at a lower cost.

The programs we have undertaken include many in General Aviation and some in other regulated industries such as products to meet FCC and UL requirements as well as programs in industries requiring extreme reliability and accuracy such as unmanned satellite payloads and consumer banking systems.

Contact Don to discuss what we can do for you:
don@burtisgroup.com or +1 (505) 250-8772.

Check out our "Snippets." These are short descriptions of lessons learned over many years of managing people and programs. See which ones apply to your company.